Keeping Cool with Katham Industries

Beat the Heat

As the summer months approach, the scorching sun becomes a formidable foe. Don’t let the relentless heat get you down! Katham Industries is here to ensure your comfort and provide top-notch air conditioning services. From installation to repair, we’ve got you covered.

Installation Expertise

Are you in need of a new air conditioning system? Our team of certified professionals will guide you through the process, helping you choose the perfect unit for your home or business. We’ll handle the installation with precision, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency.

Repair and Maintenance

  • Is your air conditioner acting up? Don’t sweat it! Our skilled technicians are adept at diagnosing and resolving any issues, from minor hiccups to major breakdowns.
  • Regular maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. We offer comprehensive tune-ups to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Serving Your Community

At Katham Industries, we take pride in serving the communities of Englewood, Bergenfield, Leonia, Haworth, and River Edge. Our commitment to exceptional customer service has earned us a stellar reputation in the region.

Beat the Heat with Confidence

Don’t let the sweltering summer weather get the best of you. Trust Katham Industries to keep your living or working space cool and comfortable. Contact us today to schedule your air conditioning service and experience the ultimate in comfort and reliability.