Debunking Common Myths About Crawlspace Insulation

The world of insulation offers many solutions for maintaining comfortable indoor temperatures, among them is the crawlspace insulation. Just like any other aspect of home improvement, crawlspace insulation comes with some detractors. In this article, we’ll debunk some common insulation myths providing insights from Complete Insulation, your trusted source for efficient insulation solutions in Franklin, Nashville, and Columbia, TN.

The Myth of Harmful Mold

One common myth is that insulation in your crawlspace will inevitably cause harmful mold to grow. The truth is that the presence of mold is more about moisture conditions than it is about insulation. If your crawlspace is dry, there’s little chance for mold to occur – whether insulation is present or not. A properly installed vapour barrier with sufficient insulation will actually help to control moisture, reducing the chance of mold development.

Spray Foam Insulation Safety

Another popular myth is about the safety of spray foam insulation. Some believe it’s harmful due to chemical content. However, once applied and cured, spray foam insulation poses no threat to homeowners’ safety. It’s an effective insulation choice for many residential and commercial buildings in Mount Juliet, Murfreesboro, and Brentwood, TN.

The Question of Insulation Removal

The last myth we’re debunking is about the necessity of removing old insulation before installing new one. In reality, the need for insulation removal depends on various factors such as the insulation’s current condition or the type of new insulation being installed. At Complete Insulation, we offer thorough insulation removal services to ensure optimal performance of your new insulation system.

In conclusion, while it’s normal for myths to circulate, it’s valuable to get accurate information before acting on these myths. A properly insulated crawlspace can greatly improve your home’s comfort and energy-efficiency. Contact us today at Complete Insulation for services you can trust. After all, the truth truly does set you free from persistent insulation myths!