Feeling the Heat? Chill with Alan Energy Services

Are you drenched in sweat on scorching summer days? Or do you transform into an icicle in the middle of a freezing winter night? If either situation sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to call Alan Energy Services. We are not just your ordinary AC repair and heating company.

Rescue Raccoons from the Heat?

Did you know Alan Energy Services once saved a family of raccoons stuck in a customer’s air conditioning unit? The furry creatures had sought solace from the heat inside the AC, but got themselves trapped! We rectified the unit after safely rescuing the fuzzy squatters. We’re not just HVAC experts; we’re wildlife heroes too!

Alan Energy Services masters the art of keeping you cool during the dog days of summer and toasty in the heart of winter. With our 24/7 emergency service, we make sure your comfort isn’t limited to the weather forecast.

Man’s New Best Friend: HVAC!

With Alan Energy Services, your HVAC system can quickly become your new best friend. Forget Fido; it’s all about the top-quality AC services we provide. Get ready to embrace a home where comfort reigns, thanks to our experts being just a call away.