Effective DIY Tips to Maintain Your HVAC and Plumbing Systems

The importance of regular maintenance for your HVAC and plumbing systems cannot be overstated. Investing a little time and effort can significantly extend the life of your systems and ensure they run efficiently, saving you money and stress down the line. Here is a compilation of effective DIY tips from experts at Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC.

1. Heating and AC Maintenance

One fundamental aspect of HVAC maintenance is the regular replacement of your heating and AC unit filters. A clogged or dirty filter compromises the efficiency of your systems, leading to increased energy usage and more wear on the components. Make it a habit to replace or clean your filters monthly, especially during heavy usage seasons.

2. Plumbing System Checks

Preventative maintenance is essential in avoiding major plumbing issues. Regularly check your faucets for drips and leaks – a small leak can waste up to 20 gallons of water daily. Not to mention, it can escalate to bigger problems down the line. Also, routinely inspect your toilets for leaks by adding food coloring to the tank – if the color seeps into the bowl without flushing, you have a leak.

3. HVAC System Inspections

Seasonal inspections of your HVAC system are a must. Before the onset of winter or summer, ensure your heating or cooling systems are functioning optimally. Listen out for unusual sounds, strange odors, or sudden changes in performance – these could indicate a problem that needs immediate attention.

4. Drain Maintenance

Never ignore slow-draining sinks or tubs as these might signal a pending clog. To maintain clear drains, consider using a mixture of vinegar and hot water every few months. Avoid using chemical cleaners frequently as they can corrode your pipes over time.

5. Commercial HVAC Maintenance

While many of these tips can apply to both residential and commercial spaces, commercial HVAC systems often demand specialized considerations. Maintenance for these high-capacity systems can be complex and is generally best handled by professional commercial HVAC companies based in regions such as Oviedo, FL, Winter Park, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL, or Orlando, FL

In conclusion, these simple and effective DIY tips can help keep your HVAC and plumbing systems running smoothly. Nevertheless, professional assistance is always beneficial to ensure long-term efficiency and maintenance. Frank Gay Commercial Services, LLC takes pride in providing top-notch Heating, AC, and Plumbing services, meeting all your commercial and residential needs in Oviedo, FL, Winter Park, FL, Altamonte Springs, FL and Orlando, FL.