Dispelling Common Myths about Heating Installation and Furnace Replacement

For most homeowners, heating installation, furnace replacement, and heating repair are essential services, especially when living in places like Eastchester, Bronxville, Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, New Rochelle, and White Plains, NY, where the weather can really get chilly. However, there’s a surprising amount of misinformation out there about these services, often leading to unnecessary expenses or decreased efficiency. At All Makes Heating and Air Conditioning Corp, our aim is to dispel these myths and guide you to make informed decisions for your home heating systems.

Myth: Air Filters Don’t Require Frequent Changing

One of the most common misconceptions is this: air filters in furnace systems don’t need to be changed frequently. This is far from the truth! Routine maintenance of heating systems, including changing air filters, is crucial for their optimal functioning. Neglecting this aspect could result in poor efficiency, leading to higher energy costs and potentially, costly repairs or replacements.

Myth: The Larger the Heating System, the Better

Another myth that often surfaces when discussing heating installation or furnace replacement is the assumption that bigger is always better. This is a misconception. Buying an oversized furnace or heating system isn’t going to heat your home any faster or better. In reality, a too-large heating system will cycle off and on more frequently, which can lead to increased wear and tear over time.

Myth: Heating Systems Don’t Need Regular Maintenance

Ignoring regular maintenance of your heating systems and leaving them unchecked until an issue arises can result in serious problems in the long run. Proper routine checkups and maintenance not only ensure your system runs efficiently but also extends its lifespan, saving you from hefty replacement costs.

Myth: Heat Pumps Don’t Work in Cold Weather

Heat pumps are an eco-friendly alternative for heating homes. A common misconception is that they don’t work well in colder regions, but modern heat pumps can provide adequate heat even when the outside temperature drops significantly. Don’t shy away from installing them just because of this old myth.

In conclusion, when it comes to heating installation, furnace replacement, heat pump installation, or heating repair service, remember to make decisions based on facts and not myths. At All Makes Heating and Air Conditioning Corp, we’re always ready to debunk myths and deliver top quality services to keep your home warm and cozy.