Maximize Your Comfort: Pro Tips for AC Installation and Maintenance

In the bustling cityscape of Orland Park, IL, and the serene suburbs of Burr Ridge, IL, a properly functioning air conditioning unit has become a key necessity. The seasonally changing climate of Illinois calls for an uninterrupted HVAC service that keeps the temperature at bay. Here, we bring you a compilation of our best advice, tips, and tricks for air conditioning service and maintenance, offered by the experts at Amber Mechanical.

Choose the Right Size

When you start looking at air conditioning units, a crucial factor to consider is the size. The size of your AC determines its efficiency and effectiveness. Bigger isn’t always better; a larger model may result in rapidly cycling on and off, causing wear and tear. A too-small AC unit, meanwhile, may constantly run to keep up, resulting in high energy bills. The team members at Amber Mechanical can perform a load calculation to ensure you get the right size air conditioner for your home in Orland Park, IL.

Energy Efficiency Matters

Purchasing a high-efficiency AC unit can result in significant savings on electrical bills over its lifespan. Look for models with the Energy Star logo, which guarantees better energy performance. Higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) ratings also indicate more energy-efficient units. It’s worth investing a little more upfront for a unit that will save you money in the long run.

Routine Maintenance for Longevity

One of the best ways to ensure smooth operation and longevity of your air conditioning unit is to have regular maintenance and service, especially at the commencement of the summer months. Clean or replace air filters and have the system inspected by the professional team in Homer Glen, IL. Regular cleaning of the air ducts and vents can also significantly increase the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Invest in a Thermostat

Buying a programmable thermostat can help regulate the temperature for different times of the day, ensuring a comfortable environment for you and your family while saving energy. Different models allow you to set schedules, manage your HVAC system remotely, and even receive energy usage reports.

Following these tips will help you maximize your comfort and get the most out of your AC unit. Whether you need a new air conditioning installation or a regular HVAC service in Burr Ridge, IL, don’t hesitate to reach out to the skilled team at Amber Mechanical. We’re always ready to help you create a comfortable living environment.