Keeping Cool and Cozy with Temperature Control, Inc.

Here’s a theory worth pondering over a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows: if you squint really hard, you might see a connection between a well-installed air conditioning unit and that irresistible smirk your house dons during blistering summers. At Temperature Control, Inc., we’ve been playing matchmaker between homes and quality AC units for years.

Stay Frosty!

Our comprehensive AC installation services are renowned across Tucson, Oro Valley, and the surrounding areas. We’re basically the AC Cupid, stringing arrows of cool air through every room in your home. Oh, and a little birdie tells us that the homes across the vast landscapes of Flowing Wells, Tortolita, Catalina and Catalina Foothills are also flirting with the idea of turning icy cold.

But fear not, those biting winters would not be left out in this joyous reunion either! Our efficient heating system installation will ensure your home transforms into a cozy haven when those temperatures decide to take a tumble.

Our Services Run Deep

Plumbing issues got you down? Our plumbing service is equipped to dive deep into those troubling waters, with things returning back to tranquility before you can even say ‘leaky faucet’. And if your air conditioning decides to play the rebel, our Air Conditioning Repair service will fix things right up, no sweat!

So take a deep breath and relax, because with Temperature Control, Inc., your home finds its happiest place between ‘just right’ and ‘absolutely perfect’!