Explore Versatile Modular Spaces with Linked Equipment

Discover the flexibility of modern living and working spaces with Linked Equipment‘s cutting-edge solutions. Our diverse portfolio provides a unique blend of mobile office solutions, mobile restroom solutions, modular office solutions, shipping container homes, and modular office construction.

Consider the convenience of ‘working on the go’ with our Mobile Office Solutions. These offerings allow businesses to establish a professional setting wherever necessary, keeping your operation running seamlessly no matter the location. Equipped with crucial facilities like meeting rooms, workstations, and break rooms, these structures are designed to ensure productivity and ease.

Moreover, our Mobile Restroom Solutions meet a crucial need for sanitary and accommodating restroom facilities at temporary event venues, construction sites, or disaster-stricken areas. These units come with full plumbing, resembling a typical indoor restroom to provide a comfortable experience.

When it comes to permanent infrastructure, our Modular Office Solutions and Modular Office Construction offers remarkable advantages over conventional construction processes. Modular construction offers accelerated project timelines, as parts are fabricated off-site and then assembled at the desired location. These modules are easily reconfigurable, letting your workspace evolve as your business grows.

But why stop at workspaces? Our Shipping Container Homes resonate with the growing trend of eco-friendly living, championing sustainable and innovative designs. These homes are not just economical and easy to build, but they also promote a minimalistic and modern lifestyle.

At Linked Equipment, we value our client’s need for quality, flexibility, and convenience. We work tirelessly to ensure our range of solutions provide not just a Work-Life solution, but a ‘Work-Life Revolution’. To learn more, contact us today!